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Did Wells Fargo Open Unauthorized Accounts for Costa Rica Sportsbooks?

Costa Rica News – If you want to know if Sportsbooks in Costa Rica use phony names and account to receive money from the USA, the answer is a resounding yes.

wells-fargo-costa-ricaWestern Union and Money Gram have been used for years by Costa Rica Sportsbooks looking to get money under the nose of the US government.

They use long ass names and have their runners pick them up.  Normally there is someone they know at the Western Union desk that gets paid to push them through or they are actual names and they give the Costa Ricans a little bit of cash to pick up the money for them.

But all of that might be coming to an abrupt halt right as we are kicking off the 2016 football season, the biggest time of year for the Costa Rica sportsbooks and USA gamblers that use them.

Thousands of Wells Fargo employees have been fired over a widespread practice of opening phony and unauthorized accounts and credit cards, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says.

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