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Customers Report Faulty Amnet Internet Service

San Jose, Costa Rica –  Like this is a huge surprise from the government operated internet company. Customers of the company Amnet Costa Rica reported failures of Internet service for several hours.

In some cases it is total lack of service and in others where there are constant drops the connection.

This has been reported in users of Facebook on the page of Amnet where the company recognized the problem.

“Since this morning, in Barva de Heredia, the service had been unstable. There are pages that do not display. We tried calling, but your Amnet have problems and the online chat was off in the morning, “complained Rebecca Delgado Fernandez.

The same thing occurred through out Costa Rica.   Of course if anyone called in the response was we are fixing this as soon as possible, which means we ahve no iea what is causing it let us call someone to find out and then point fingers at ICE.

Meanwhile, Amnet said it expects to solve the problem as soon as possible.

“Dear Internet subscribers, and we reiterate now present a general situation in the service and reported the situation to the department in charge and is expected to be promptly solved the problem,” the answer to users.

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