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CR Education System gets Minimum Grade by Tico Assessment

With another survey that is right in the face of the Costa Rican government, it shows that the education system in CR needs an overhaul. The quality of public education in schools throughout Costa Rica barely made a passing grade in a recent international survey.  Ticos themselves put a note on the measurement of 7 made by the Latinobarómeter, based in Chile. Questions were asked of 1,000 people in the country. The analysis was funded by the Organization of Iberoamerican States for Education, Science and Culture (OEI) and the Carolina Foundation of Spain.

costa rica schoolsThat score, with a student just approves tenth or eleventh grade, he left education policy as the best qualified among 18 countries in Latin America where the study was done.

The results announced yesterday the Alvaro Marchesi, Secretary General of the OEI, who said that this is not an analysis of education indicators, but the perception of citizens about the education provided in each country.

“The majority of Costa Ricans opinion about public education is very positive, which has improved significantly over the past 10 years and has reduced inequality,” Marchesi said.

Leonardo Garnier, Minister of Education, believes that far from the population to feel satisfied and happy, these results are a call to improve.

Garnier stressed that education policy is far from equal to countries that offer superior quality, such as Finland, Belgium and South Korea.

“The PISA test (applied here in 2010) showed that Costa Rica has one of the best educational systems in Latin America, but also tells us something and we are the best of the worst, “said Garnier.

The Minister based that statement on Asian and European nations that outperform the Latin American PISA.

Ticos give top marks to primary education (7.2) over high school (6.9). The rating is higher (7.8) for technical education.

In addition, 58% of respondents said that education is provided now in the country is better than a decade ago.

“In Costa Rica there is a perception that teachers are poorly prepared. Only 35% believe it should be improved teacher training, “said Marchesi.

Only 17% believe it should increase the salary of teachers to improve education.

This comes at a time when the Union of Education Workers Costa Rica negotiates a collective agreement with the Ministry of Education, which provides bonuses, housing bonds, more holidays and payment for a taxi to go to work.

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One Comment;

  1. gordon said:

    Minimum assessment by Ticos, where as compared to the world a very poor grade. ALL the upper class here have their children in private schools. They know the lower class population get basically baby sitters for teachers and poor education.

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