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Costa Rica’s Tulemar Resort Helping to Promote Annual Turtle Festival in Matapalo

Are you ready for something unique to experience in Costa Rica this coming weekend? The Tulemar Resort in Manuel Antonio is helping promote a one of a kind experience in the quaint beach town of Matapalo, the Annual Turtle Festival.

annual turtle festival costa rica matapalo 1Matapalo Beach is one of the country’s most widely used nesting locations for a few varieties of sea turtles in Costa Rica. Annually, starting in July and continuing to December, 100s of Pacific Green, Olive Ridley, and Hawksbill sea turtles are born along the beaches of Matapalo.

To honor the new births of the sea turtle, each November the Turtle Festival is held. The event includes turtle patrol tours, music, traditional Costa Rican foods, dancing, and contests.

The Tulemar Resort, a 33-acre gated resort known for occupying some of the area’s most distinguished luxury vacation rentals and exclusive amenities that combine for a unique guest experience, is excited to be promoting this event.

The below is direct from the press release.

Dave Houck, owner at Tulemar Vacation Homes comments, “We’re thrilled to promote the festival releasing turtles in Matapalo. It’s one of those unique opportunities that so many of our guests look for, to witness the splendor of nature and celebrate with traditional Costa Rican customs.”

Houck also emphasizes the hard work of the volunteers during the long process leading up to the release of the turtles; the Association of Volunteers for Services in Protected Areas (ASVO), hosts volunteers from around the world who assist in providing for the protection and care of turtles and their eggs, keeping them safe from predators and human looting. He states, “from creating the refuges, to building nests for the eggs, to cleaning and patrolling the sites, there is a lot of hard work that goes into protecting these wonderful creatures. It’s an experience we love our guests to be able to see.”

This work has been a success, with an average of eighty per one hundred eggs hatched from the thousands that are laid on the beaches of Matapalo annually.

“We love to keep our guests informed on these kinds of events that are for a worthy cause and an enriching experience,” concludes Houck.

The Annual Turtle Festival will take place November 15 and 16 at Matapalo Beach; to learn more about the festival and vacation rentals nearby, visit

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