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Costa Rica’s Teatro Nacional Begins It’s Christmas Celebration

Costa Rica News – Tamales, nice weather, and festivities in every direction- it must be Christmas time once again.

teatro nacional nativity sceneThe National Theatre will, of course, participate in the activities, showing off its Christmas activities schedule today.

Beginning today, December 1, at 6 pm there will be a manger scene with the traditional Holy Family and some new costumes for the angels. This is a tradition that is going on 12 years.

Over the next two days various choirs will perform Christmas carols for free.

Then on the 4th The Nutcracker will take over the stage and stick around until the last function on December 13.

Tickets are now on sale for The Nutcracker and tend to sell out.

Visit a Servimás, Bansback, Grupo Mutual, Asimismo or to get yours for between ¢17.000 and ¢34.000.

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