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Costa Rica’s Riteve (Vehicle Inspection) Gets Harder to Pass

Costa Rica News – Riteve was already pretty difficult to pass for many vehicles in Costa Rica…….well it is about to get a little harder.  Perhaps they are not going to need that 200% increase in the cost of Riteve that they have asked for if more cars have to come back for re-inspection. 

For those that are going to be taking their vehicles through Riteve in the new year here are the 14 new changes to the Riteve inspection:

(Falta Grave = Serious Offence and Requires Fixing & Re-Inspection)

(Falta Leve = Non-Serious Offence & Does Not Require Re-Inspection)

  • You must have the new plates in accordance with the Public Registry. Lack Of, Falta Grave.riteve costa rica
  • The bumper will be checked for stability. If in danger of falling off, Falta Grave.
  • The fender must cover the entire width of the tread. If it Does not, Falta Grave.
  • If vehicle has a crack in the windshield of more than 50 centimeters, Falta Grave.
  • Buses should have seat belts in the back seats. Lack Of, Falta Leve.
  • Vehicles entering the country starting in 2015 must have a speedometer in KM per hour. Lack Of, Falta Grave.
  • The odometer must be in good condition and the mileage recorded. Misdemeanors in this category include not being able to read the odometer or having a recorded mileage that does not reflect the records in customs. in 2015 this is a Falta Leve in 2016 Falta Grave.
  • Color differences in symmetrical pairs of low beams is a Falta Leve.
  • The low oil pressure light must not come on when starting a spark ignition engine. If it does, Falta Grave.
  • Trailers and semi-trailers exceeding 750 kilograms have to have a service brake. Not having one, Falta Grave.
  • Cars with steering wheels on the right side must be converted and a certificate of the mechanical change presented. If not changed, Falta Grave.
  • Only heavy load vehicles can use remarked tires, and only if the tires were designed for that purpose. If not, Falta Grave.
  • Airbags are to be considered for 4 Falta Grave offences and 2 Falta Leve offences
  • Taxi meters must be audible for people with disabilities and they must issue a printed receipt. If not, Falta Grave.

Advice to everyone is to have a trusted mechanic (I know those two words contradict each other, but there are a few) check your vehicle and let them know these new Riteve items if they don’t already.

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