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Costa Rica’s Rio Celeste Adjusting to Increased Tourism

Costa Rica Travel – Rio Celeste is one of the most popular getaways in Costa Rica. People travel from around the world to see the blue waters of the river and of course the beautiful waterfalls.

rio celeste costa rica 1Officials have made great strides in efforts to address tourists to the Celeste River in Costa Rica.

The river is the principal attraction of the breathtaking Tenorio Volcano National Park.

This park is spread across the Guanacaste and Alajuela provinces and four cantons, Tilarán, Cañas, Upala and Guatuso. There has been a significant increase in the visitation of this park. There were 60,000 visitors in 2015 and that figure has already been reached in the first 8 months of 2016.

Marjorie Rojas is the park’s manager. She attributes the growth in tourism to the publicity the State made via the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, or ICT.

This effort was made both inside and outside of the country.

She sees a big problem. There are about 500 guests per day and just 6 employees. They do not have the capacity to serve the people visiting.

She estimates that they need 22.

On one day during Easter week there were 6,000 visitors and they had to close the park to more.

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