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Costa Rica’s Latinas Mas Bellas Presents Lola Wright

Costa Rica News – We have presented Stef Arroyo and Sandy Rojas, for our last beautiful woman that we are introducing the gorgeous and intelligent Lola Wright.  The Costa Rican Times are doing these presentations to help this women get a little more exposure in a very competitive modelling industry.

Lola Wright was born in San Jose, Costa Rica in Hospital Mexico. Growing up she was raised in a Christian and United family.  She has an older sister named Michelle and a younger brother named Shandon.  Her parents were always there by her side during both the ups and downs which life threw her way.

She graduated from Colegio Monterrey in 2012.  She was a cheerleader for the teams the Pirates and Bobcats.  She also trained in gymnastics and ballet in the United States when she lived there for 5 years as her father went there for work.

When it comes to her dating life, her first boyfriend Alejandro dated her when she was 15 years old.  Ironically, her first kiss happened when she was 12 at a Christian Camp with a boy that she had met there. She is looking for an honest man with good Christian values that is also intelligent.  Good looks is not important, as what is most important is what is inside.

In her spare time she loves eating, dancing and hanging out with her family.  She enjoys going out with her friends, dancing the night away, and listening to music.  Her favorite place to go and clear her mind is the beach, which calms her soul and relaxes her body. She loves travelling with her family or with her friends.

She wants to be a professional dental practitioner and to one day have her own clinic.  She also wants to be able to help people that do not have the things she has been blessed with in her family.  Doing social good is in her heart.

She also would like to continue modeling to experience others cultures as well as bring the Costa Rica culture into the eyes of others.  She speaks several languages and wants to continue studying in order to interact with people and learning more about other cultures. She would like to use modeling to help bring awareness about the flora and fauna of Costa Rica and to help protect it.

She has high hopes and expectations to pursue both goals in modeling as well as her professional life.  The most important thing for Lola is to be able to share all of her achievements and experiences with the  love in her heart, which starts and end with her family.

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One Comment;

  1. stephanie Brown said:

    I thinks shes really beautiful just liker her mom. Its great shes doing this. Hope she gets everything she wish for.. Go for it girl!! 🙂

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