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Costa Rica’s Hotel Del Rey Now in Jaco

Costa Rica News – One of our readers sent this in to us today. It seems that the rumor we spoke about a few weeks back is true.  Kind of hard to keep a secret in Costa Rica.  Now all you sex tourists will be able to get your prostitutes and take them to the beach.  

Although this is an assumption these will be complete vacation packages with a working girl by your side.  Make sure youcosta rica hotel del rey jaco let them know not to post photos….your wife might get angry.

From: Hotel Del Rey Info <[email protected]>

Dear Valued Guest,

Our staff is pleased to announce a long awaited event, The Hotel Del Rey has opened another Hotel in Jaco for our Beach lovers.

Spend your first nights in your favorite place down town our wonderful Hotel Del Rey.

Then if you feel like taking a ride to the beach or if you want to get a nice tan, share your time with friendly people, we have the right folks to help you out with your accommodation in our Del Rey Beach Hotel.

You will no longer have to worry about where you will stay when you want to go to the beach!

Now you can book your room through us no more waste of time trying to figure out where is the right place to stay while you are at the Pacific. Our staff is the best when it comes to providing you the best entertainment ever, along with great costumer service with the style of ” Hotel Del Rey ” but at the beach, if you want a successfully trip then you have to leave all in our hands.

We will help you to plan your vacation before coming to Costa Rica and make your stay as comfortable as possible, because you deserve it.!!

We will be offering Fishing trips , zip line, sunset tours , Atv tours and more surprises.

To please the most diverse tastes we always believe in offering the best to our most loyal customers and now you all got a place at the beach as well.

Something for everyone.!!!

THAT should be the slogan for Hotel del Rey.


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One Comment;

  1. Thomas said:

    Once again, it appears that we continue to FLAUNT an industry that promotes illicit behavior and like the ending of Sodom and Gomorrah, this too will be ruin of Jaoc, if the citizens of this community AND the government do not do something to curb this behavior. Oh come on, who is is hurting I am often told, it is a victimless crime, and it’s allowed here. Oh really? Who does it hurt? How about the 10’s of thousands of girls that are FORCED into this business. How about the young girls that are SOLD into this business… and when I say young I mean girls as young as 8-10 years old. PLEASE do NOT insult me by saying that does NOT happen. I can provide you statistics time and time again. Also, is this REALLY how we wish to project Jaco as a SEX TOURIST TOWN? I mean REALLY? People of JACO, it’s TIME to make a STAND! I pray EACH of you asks God to intervene into this abhorrent behavior. I was speaking to a young woman who has lived here all her life. She said, a number of years ago, we did not have this type of business in Jaco. Families would stroll along the streets at night hearing the music from various musicians that played… NOW, it has become a den of iniquity where drugs and violence are present. They are afraid to walk the streets. .. She went on to say it sure would be nice to be able to walk the streets again, without being approached for sex. I am asking once again, that the People of Jaco, go to your Priests, go to your Pastors, go to your Churches and PRAY ever so fervently that this evil may be destroyed.

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