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Costa Rica’s Book Fair on the Horizon

Costa Rica News – The Book Fair 2017 will be held from August 25 to September 3.

This will be edition number 17 of the International Book Fair in Antigua Aduana. It was on June 12th that the Ministry of Culture and Youth announced the event.

For the first time, a public call was opened for anyone who wants to propose activities to the committee of the fair.

There will be activities like recitals, round tables and book presentations, as always.

On July 18th, the agenda of the fair and its guest of honor will be announced. In the meantime, the call is open to publishers, authors and anyone else interested to propose activities.

The president of the advisory council, Santiago Porras, said “I want everyone to feel entitled to participate.”

This is the first time such an invitation is offered. Proposals will be evaluated by the Content Commission.

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