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Costa Rica’s Biodiversity & Ecotourism

It is pretty hard to be able to experience all of the biodiversity and micro climates in Costa Rica unless you plan on staying for a couple of months.  Rain Forests, Cloud Forests, Volcanoes, Mangroves, and Shoreline-Costa Rica has it all! Are you interested in going to one or all of these types of locations? There are a few of each that truly stand out.

costa-rica-biodiversityRain Forests consist of bright green landscape and the sounds of many jungle animals. Some of the most famous are Manuel Antonio- with it’s abundance of monkeys in the smallest national park, La Selva- with a ranger station to sleep in, and Corcovado-which covers a third if the Osa Peninsula.

Volcanoes are also really popular to visit. Costa Rica has three volcanic mountain ranges. The three most visited are Arenal-with natural hot springs nearby, Rincon De La Vieja- with brightly colored lakes, and Poas, which is the closest active one to the capital city.

Cloud Forests are not as well known as Rain Forests or Volcanoes, but are definitely worth a trip to experience. Found on the continental divide, the clouds settle in these mountain areas covering them in mist and increased biodiversity. Monteverde is the most popular but for a Cloud Forest trip with fewer crowds try San Gerardo De Dota or Braulio Carrillo National Park.

Wetlands such as mangroves are lower areas that are almost always flooded in water. People travel from around the world to observe the land animals who have evolved to live in water for much of their lives. Palo Verde, Tortuguero, and Cano Negro.

Of course there are gorgeous beaches on Costa Rican Shoreline! 800 miles of sand-some white and some black-and calm bay water or huge surfing waves. Ballena National Marine Park, Manuel Antonio, and the Caribbean Coast each offer a different look and varying activities. Try to see both a Pacific and a Caribbean beach to experience the diversity.

By Kerry La

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