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Costa Rican Times Orphanage Christmas Party Thursday December 20th

Costa Rica News – I have brought this up over the past month or so but the date is finally here for the Costa Rican Times orphanage Christmas party.  We are so excited to help this children have at least one happy day over the holidays.

Through a donation of one of our business partners of $750 we were able to purchase gifts for each an every one of the children. Because of their paralysis we were not really able to get toys for them so each child had requested articles of clothing from pajamas, to dresses, to swaeters and we were able to get them between 1 and 3 articles each.

We will also be giving the nuns at the orphanage a donation of about $200 to help with any other items they need to buy for the children like soaps, tooth brushes, etc….

We have hired a event group that will be coming with a clown, magician, bubble machine, DJ, face painter and more.  Hopefully the kids will see how much we are thinking about them and feel the love from our hearts.

The party will go from about 1:30 to 3:30 and if you are interested in coming or donating anything contact [email protected].

Click Here to Find Out More About the Orphanage.

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