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Costa Rican Snake Hitchhikes to Scotland

Costa Rica News -A rather adventurous snake was found in Edinburgh, after hitching a ride to the UK on a pineapple.

The snake managed to stow away in Costa Rica, and was found on the fruit by a rather surprised shopper.

The Scottish SPCA was called out to Tryst Park, Edinburgh after the reptile was found hiding between the leaves of the fruit on Tuesday.

A member of the public had bought the pineapple at a local store but only discovered the snake after they returned home.

Animal Rescue Officer Catherine Atterton said: ‘It’s not every day that we get called out to attend to snakes found in peculiar places.

‘I know not long ago there was a wee lizard found on a head of broccoli so I was quite excited to see what had stowed away on this pineapple.

As yet he’s not been identified but he’s in a good condition and is now being cared for by experts at Butterfly World in Edinburgh.

‘We’re glad we were called out, as without proper care Ricky wouldn’t survive our climate.

‘Now he’ll be able to recuperate from his adventures.’


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