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Costa Rican Film Maker Finishing Sci-Fi Film

Costa Rica Entertainment News – There’s a film in post-production that has the support of many Ticos. Daniel Chaves is the one bringing this national film “Teoría de Cuerdas,” or “String Theory” to us. A Costa Rican Sci-Fi film that tells the intriguing story of a musician and a physicist and their struggle across parallel realities.

pelicula Teoría de CuerdasIt stars Felipe Pérez, as a singer, and Santiago Fornaguera, as a physicist. It’s a distinguished science fiction film that features great lyrics from the musician.

The story is about a myth that if you go to a cross street at midnight, the devil will make you an amazing artist.

The main character goes to a cross street, but it appears nothing happens. Then, he realizes that his house was burned with his family inside. After that terrible day, he starts composing the best music. The lyrics, of course, are very sad.

It’s a spiritual movie with tons of conflict and a mysterious plot. This film was made in Sarchi, San Jose and Liberia.

Facebook page for the movie.

They still need $32,000 to finish it, and they request your help.

To donate, visit by July 18th.

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