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Costa Rican Engineer Named New Assistant Director at NASA

Costa Rica News – Now this is a person that everyone should look up to in Costa Rica. Sandra Cauffman, a Costa Rican engineer, has been named the new assistant director for NASA’s Division of Earth Sciences.

Sandra Cauffman NASA Costa Rica 1This is the division in charge of coordinating missions sent into space to study the Earth as well as investigating terrestrial activity.

Her experience with the GOES-R program is great experience for her new position and she will continue to be linked to this important mission that focuses on learning about Earth.

She will work with the director and be in charge of strategizing satellites, research, which center will execute each project and how much money will be given to each project.

She is a trusted member of a hierarchy that works with National Academy of Sciences of the US to decide which missions take priority.

A report is published every ten years to determine the fields to be investigated.

She is the fourth Hispanic women to reach such a high level in NASA. Reaching this milestone will give motivation and an example to the new generations.

Her story shows that hard work leads to recognition.

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