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CR Wife of Liberty Reserve Culprit Wants Half

Costa Rica News  – Every time I think about dating again in Costa rica I hear stories like this and decide against it again.  It just flat out amazes me that this is even going to court and time and energy are being spent on this outlandish claim. 

Yesenia-ValerioYesenia Valerio Vargas (now 39 years old) agreed to marry the Ukrainian-born American, Arthur Budovsky, imprisoned on 24 May in Spain at the request of the United States. Budovsky was one of the main people behind the Liberty Reserve money laundering. liberty reserve is being called the largest money laundering scheme in history.

About $6 Billion in assets were taken from the house of Budovsky in Costa Rica and is going to be auctioned off. Yesenia Valerio Vargas and her lawyer are saying she is entitled to the spouses half. Nice……

Yesenia Valerio Vargas was paid $400 to marry Budovsky, which by all signs was an arranged marriage to grant Budovsky residency in order to help run the business out of Costa Rica.

“After  two weeks in the country (the lawyer) introduced me to him, I married him (with Budovsky) and we both went on with our normal lives. I dated him about four times, leaving that to drink coffee, chatting, never came by car and never saw him wealthy.” But now that I know he has money I want some. :::laughing out loud:::

Great attitude, you did not have a real marriage and now do not want to work so you are taking a chance with the terrible Costa Rican legal system to potentially keep you from having to actually get a job to support your plethora of babies that you already popped out.  Well Hmmmmm, thanks Yesenia for showing your true colors.  You had an arranged marriage which if a gringo did it to get residency would be punished and is ILLEGAL.

Are you effing kidding me?

Let’s go even further…….

Arthur Budovsky acquired these assets illegally.  Per the reasoning by Yesenia  and her idiot lawyer, they are presenting a case stating basically if someone steals or robs and gets caught, the spouse is entitled to keep half of the stolen goods or money.  I am going to go look for a wife that I can convince to rob a bank and if she gets caught I get half of the take. Considering Costa Rica condones stealing of amount of up to $1000, as it is not considered a punishable offence this case does not surprise me at all.

My favorite part from Vargas were her 2 quotes……”I was his wife and because of me he was naturalized and the Costa Rican government. Now I am biting my nails because I do not have a job.” WTF?

You went out with him 4 times  and you were paid $400 to marry him.  Obviously you were getting supported by his illegal activities and now at age 39 you are too old to go work at the Del Rey Hotel and keep up with the other younger girls. I wonder if you are getting the alimony from the father or most likely fathers of your other 3 children? My guess would be no.

The assets that were confiscated for auction were acquired using illegal monies.  You have no right to them and get over it.  Even if the assets were not stolen I think Chris Rock says it best in the video below in regards to alimony…..”When you go to a restaurant you are accustomed to eating, when you leave they do not owe you a steak”

Graphic Language Do Not Watch Under 18

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