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Costa Rica Vacation Planning Made Easy

Costa Rica News – Have you ever made a hotel booking in Costa Rica and turned up to find the place is a real disappointment? Hotel websites can sometimes be very misleading with professional photographs giving a far more glamorous image than the reality on the ground.

my holiday in costa rica vacation plannersMany people use Tripadvisor to check out reviews of hotels before they book, but even Tripadvisor reviews can be very subjective. Check some ‘poor’ reviews of well known hotels and you will find ‘poor’ has been given because the reviewer has seen a cockroach in the room- welcome to Costa Rica!

On-line booking engines like or have their role to play, and may save you a few dollars, but what they can’t tell you, can ruin your holiday. For instance, a hotel that is undergoing construction or refurbishment and is noisy, dusty and has half its facilities like swimming pools out of action. Or a hotel that looks gorgeous, but is situated on a busy corner and has a constant hum of traffic in the background.

This is where using a local travel agency can really make a difference to the quality of your holiday. My Holiday in Costa Rica! is a new on-line travel service run by a British-Costa Rican couple who visit every hotel in their itineraries, select the best in each category, and create a personalized trip for their clients. By using a local agency you are less likely to find your dream holiday has turned into a vacation nightmare. Personal knowledge of the local conditions allows them to plan a bespoke holiday suited to an individuals’ budget and interests.

Another benefit of using this kind of service is that it doesn’t cost travellers anything (a common myth about travelmy holiday in costa rica vacation planners 1 agencies is that they are more expensive than doing it yourself). Travel agencies make their money by getting commissions from hotels and tour operators. It is a marketing expense for hotels to agencies for bringing them clients. So when you book through an agency you will end up either paying the same or less than you would booking it yourself, since agencies will often have access to discounts not available on hotel websites.

People spend a lot of money coming to Costa Rica, especially from Europe. It’s not a particularly cheap holiday destination so you want to ensure your tourist dollar is well spent. Knowing the country and the hotels enables travel agencies like My Holiday in Costa Rica! to take the stress and uncertainty out of holiday planning and help you achieve what you came here for- a relaxing vacation.

So whether you want to come to Costa Rica to spot a Resplendent Quetzal, bask on a white sand palm fringed beach, enjoy a romantic honeymoon in a jungle lodge or something more mundane like have a dental crown implant, then contact My Holiday in Costa Rica!  [email protected]

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