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Costa Rica Trying to Attract New Flights & Airlines to the Country

Costa Rica Travel News – This is the time for Costa Rica to attract new airlines and extra flights to the country. The fuel prices have fallen and there is a global realignment of the airline market going on at this time.

costa rica flightsA strategy was designed in 2008 to attract airlines. That combined with the fact that companies now have all the resources they need to expand and invest in new routes is good news for us.

The central US, western Canada, South America, Europe, Nordic countries, Russia, Japan and China are regions of origin that have conditions conducive to attracting airlines to Costa Rica.

Since 2008, 11 new airlines have come to Juan Santamaria Airport.

In the same period, eight airlines started up in Daniel Oduber Airport. Besides attracting companies, the country hopes to reduce the rates by opening competition.

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