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Costa Rica Travel; Benefits of Rainy Season

Costa Rica Travel News – Over the next few days The Costa Rican Times is going to point out some of the benefits and tips for traveling to Costa Rica during rainy season.  For many people that live in Costa Rica this is their favorite time of year. 

costa rica green season travelEveryone thinks rain and vacation don’t go well together. Let me offer you a few reasons why you may prefer to travel to Costa Rica in the rainy season, which is from May through November. Think of the season as “green” instead of “rainy” because the rain produces more beauty in the rainforests than you will see when it’s dry.

Consider that it doesn’t usually rain all day. A few hours of rain is not too bad. Enjoy the amenities at your hotel during those afternoon hours. You probably will get a good deal on your hotel and can thus afford one with more services like a spa or an indoor pool.

Take advantage of the fact that there are fewer crowds during the green season. This means that when there is sun you can lay on your own private beach. If it starts to drizzle, head to a restaurant with a great view to watch a lightning show like you can only find in Costa Rica.

Rain at night will help you sleep soundly. You will awake more rested and ready for some pinto and Costa Rican coffee. The days will have more comfortable temperatures than in the dry season. It will be warm yet with a welcome breeze.

Lastly, the waves and the fruits are both better during the rainy season.  You will find mangos on the floor as you wander the beach to choose the best wave.

By Kerry La

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