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Costa Rica to Create Special Economic Zone with China

Costa Rica News – Comex, Costa Rica’s Ministry of Foreign Trade, hopes to see their proposal for Special Economic Zone (EZZ) with China come to pass as soon as possible.

china and costa rica investment business 1They want to be able to announce the companies that will participate within the first half of 2015.

There was a meeting with the chief and the China Development Bank last week. This is the group that did the concept design study. The bank is wanting to finance a second part of the study, which will be about feasibility.

They recommend using five places for the study, Puntarenas, Limon, Turrialba, Liberia and San Carlos. It appears that it will take a few months to complete the study. They also want to make a model of how the free trade zone will work between the two countries.

Trade facilitation services and installation details must be discussed too.

The potential is large, as the parks might interest solar panel and electric vehicle manufacturers, among other businesses.

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