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Costa Rica; The Perfect Bachelor Party Destination

Costa Rica Travel – If you are already tired of all the common things done during a bachelor party namely never ending booze, non-stop partying, gambling and womanizing, and want to experience something new that is not just enjoyable but also invigorating then travelling to Costa Rica is your best bet!

costa rica bachelor partyCosta Rica is very accessible to tourists from America and Canada because of the frequent flights from major cities of the said countries which just take about 4-7 hours. Both Americans and Canadians can stay in here for less than 90 days without a visa so travelling is relatively easy that is why more and more people are travelling to this magnificent country. Moreover, unlike Vegas, in Costa Rica you have the option to stay in hotels, villas, mansions, private houses for rent and condo units that are not that expensive.

While in Costa Rica you have unlimited things to do that you will find yourself wishing you have more time to do everything that was available; from sun up to sun down there is definitely something for you and your friends to do.

So what adrenaline-fueled activities are in store for you and your friends who came along? There are land and water activities you would surely enjoy and should try doing with your best buddies. Water activities include swimming, surfing, kayaking, white water rafting, waterfall rappelling, waterfall diving, scuba diving, sailing, snorkeling and sport fishing. If you want to be active in the day and do land activities you can go hiking through the jungle or join ATV tours.

Other land activities include zip lining or canopy tours, horseback riding, eco tour and cave explorations, going on a Manuel Antonio National Park guided tour, visit other national parks and conservatories that are bursting with biodiversity, museum tours, walk along suspension bridges to search for insects, birds and other animals that you can only find in preserved rainforest. If you are interested in reptiles, you can go on a Crocodile River Adventure tour where you can enjoy spotting spectacular wildlife like iguanas, lizards and crocodiles that are up to 17 feet long.

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At night you can go partying and binge drinking with your buddies in bars along the beach like the Monkey Bar, Surf Dogs, The Beatle Bar, Le Loft  and many others that offers different kinds of booze, have large flat screen TVs, great music and dance floor, and most of all lovely waitresses who will serve your needs and whims.

If you are done partying and pick up hot and gorgeous ladies to spend the night with, the best place to go to is Hotel Cocal. Ladies throng Hotel Cocal at night and the best time to go to that place is past 9 pm, this is the time when almost all the girls frequenting the place have arrived. You can find women of different types from cute, to pretty to drop down gorgeous in this place; beautiful blondes, lovely brunettes and sizzling-hot redheads are all over the place. You will find fair-skinned, dark-skinned and all hues in between with varying cup sizes that are all pleasing to the eye. You can definitely take the girls home at a price and not worry about local authorities since prostitution is legal in Costa Rica, just be sure that you are not taking home a minor and that price and services are agreed upon to avoid any unnecessary problem.

After a day of exhilarating activities and there is nothing better than a night of indulgence in Costa Rica. In Costa Rica VIP is taken to a whole different level and service is no less than excellent and perfect. 

Free Costa Rica Guide for Guy’s Trips and Bachelor Parties Click Here

If you are interested in having your own Costa Rica Guys Trip or Bachelor Party in Costa Rica, get your free E-Book to help you plan your get away.  

Content Includes:

Where to pick up Costa Rican Women & Nighttime Company

Recommended Golf Courses

Guy’s Tours Out of San Jose & Jaco

Gringo Friendly Bars & Clubs

Cigar Bars & Much More…….


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