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Costa Rica Sport Fishing Seasons & Advice

Costa Rica Fishing – Costa Rica hosts fishing tournaments that draw worldwide attention. Its seas are world class. Fishermen go to Costa Rica to have the time of their lives fishing the tropical coasts, rivers, and lakes of this beautiful country. As we enter December in Costa Rica, sailfish season comes with the move into dry season in Costa Rica. 

costa rica sport fishingWatching your teasers skip along the water’s surface, the bright colors are hypnotic. You are in a trance until a fish jumps up and snaps onto one of them and your adventure really begins.

To get the most out of your time fishing in Costa Rica, think about these quick tips. If you booked through a travel agent, ask them for the phone number of the fishing tour operator. It’s important for you to ask about their boat, equipment, methods, and level of English.

For a Free Costa Rica Fishing E-Book Click Here. (Costa Rica Fishing Licenses, Seasons, Types of Fish, and much more)

When you start your trip, ask the crew questions and let them know your level of experience. If you have never been fishing before, put your ego aside and ask for instructions. If you have some trophies from fishing tournaments, let the crew know you would like more advanced tips. They will give you as little or as much help as you want.

Most Costa Rican captains use the bait and switch method to catch billfish. The teasers are used to find fish and as they get closer to the boat, the fishermen pitch bait into the water and jerk the teaser out, leaving the bait as the only option for both the fish and you to get a meal.

Circle hooks are required by law in this country. This is an effective way to catch fish with little damage to it, for a safe release. These have been used since the times of the pre-Columbian Indians. If you haven’t used them before, remember “Crank…Don’t Yank.”

Communication is key to a successful venture. Contacting the crew ahead of time to know what to expect, being honest and open throughout the day, and learning new things will all make for a better experience.

Sportsfishing is enjoyable year round in Costa Rica, however, if you are hoping for a specific kind of catch, note the following seasons.

  • Blue marlin are abundant from April to June.

  • Black marlin are found in October through December.

  • From December to May, its normal for a boat to bring in between 5 and 25 sailfish a day.

  • Roosterfish peak from July to September.

  • The best season for snapper is July through December.

  • Dorado, wahoo, and yellowfin tuna are caught all year.

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