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Costa Rica Shortage Raising Pineapple Prices

Costa Rica News – Piñera Sucato (along with Sucato Trading), is a Costa Rican company that has eight years experience in the production and marketing of pineapples. They grow pineapples on 180 hectares (of the 290 that they own) and are growing more each day.

costa rica pineapple shortage 1The firm grows the MD2 pineapple variety, which is the most popular in the market due to its sweetness and size. The pineapples are packaged and marketed under the brand Sucato. If the client wishes, the company also offers the possibility of using third-party brands or generic boxes.

Karol Hidalgo Corrales, Piñera Sucato’s Commercial Manager, explained that “currently, the production of fresh pineapple is not very high on our farm or in the surrounding. Thus, Sucato is producing approximately 7 containers a week and exporting to approximately 10 a week (including what they buy from other parties) to international markets but they expect to reach 16 containers a week (including what they produce and buy) by January 2014. ”

Part of the production is sold in the local market through Walmart, but almost all is exported. They have business deals mainly in Germany, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States, and some of their major customers are Dole Fresh UK and Kingston in the United States. The company is open to finding new contacts, especially in Europe and Asia, which is why it will be attending the next editions of Anuga in Germany, MacFrut in Italy and Fruit Logistica in Berlin.

According to Karol, the European market is beginning to recover, although the biggest increase in demand has been in the United States. Currently, the price of pineapple is high due to shortages caused by the short period of “la Natural” and the disappearance of many producers as a result of the crisis.

Despite this situation, Piñera Sucato has remained strong thanks to their diversification into processed goods and to the stability and confidence that their eight years of experience grants them. Working with associate producers guarantees them having the volumes necessary to cover all their contracts and being able to satisfy their customer demands, always maintaining the highest standards of quality.


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