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Costa Rica Shipping; How to Ship Your Vehicle to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Shipping – Driving a vehicle you are accustomed to when in a foreign land somehow gives you comfort and confidence, so it is understandable for you to want to ship your own car to Costa Rica when migrating to this beautiful tropical paradise. To make shipping as smooth as possible, we have prepared the common steps taken when shipping a vehicle to Costa Rica.

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  • Ensure that you have the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and original title of your car. The VIN is usually found on the title of the vehicle but you can also find it on the front windshield of your car on to the driver’s side dashboard at the metal plate, between your carb andcar shipping to costa rica windshield washer unit and under the hood at the front of the engine. But why do you need the VIN? It is important that you get your car’s VIN so the shipping company can calculate the weight of your car and allot the space needed for it. VIN will also be used by the Customs personnel in Costa Rica to determine the import tax of your car. Aside from the VIN you also need to provide the original title of your car and 2 certified true copies of the said title. Furthermore, all necessary paperwork and your vehicle must be ready three days before it gets shipped to US Customs.
  • The next step when shipping your car to Costa Rica is to find a US or Canadian transport company (depends on which country you are from) that will take your car from your place to the port that you will be shipping from.
  • Now you have to find an experienced and reliable Customs broker in the US or Canada who will help you prepared all the documents required to export your car and get it loaded on the ship.
  • Your next step is to find an International Shipping Company that will put your car in their ship and transport it to Costa Rica.
  • Thereafter, you have to find an Import Agent from Costa Rica who will be responsible for handling all the paperwork, fees and taxes to get your car inside Costa Rica. The said agent will also be responsible for getting your license to drive in here. Your Costa Rican Import Agent also have to ensure that your vehicle get inspected by the authorities and make your vehicle “street legal”. In this process your agent should take care of the following:
  1. Pay the import tax
  2. Take care of RiTeve which is your vehicle inspection. Appointment can be set up online or you can show up at 6:30am
  3. Register your car
  4. Take care of Marchamo
  5. Pick up your car’s new plate at the registry. Documents required are your passport and all car documentation
  6. Pick up your car sticker at  RiTeve
  • Finally, you will need to pick up the vehicle in San Jose, Costa Rica and drive it away.  Some shipping companies will even drop the car off to you vehicle the San Jose airport if it has been processed through customs and is Costa Rica road legal.  

Click to Get Your Free Costa Rica Shipping Guide

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