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Costa Rica Ranks High for Destination Weddings

Costa Rica Travel News – Google is great for so many things. It has forever changed marketing and research. It has made it easier than ever before to have access to any information one could desire. It keeps track of search trends, a modern phenomena for sociologists and business executives. 

destination-wedding-costa ricaThe search engine released the Zeitgeist charts, a week ago. These annual tables show the top Google searches, over the year-long period. In 2013, Costa Rica got an accolade, by ending up on one of these lists.

The list of searches performed in the U.S. for destination wedding locations showed the trending locales, that is the destinations with the greatest increase in search volume from the previous year.

The results are in. Gringos are viewing Costa Rica as a dream location for a destination wedding. It’s in the top 10, at 9th place, behind Mexico, Bahamas, Kauai, Caribbean, Jamaica, Italy, Vegas, and Florida.

This strong increase in the amount of Americans looking to marry in Costa Rica could have to do with the beautiful beaches, international brand hotels, English-speaking services, or perfect tropical climate.

Google’s statistics prove that many people are interested in strolling through Costa Rica with their loved one on their wedding day.


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