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Costa Rica President of Human Rights Commission Believes in the Cure for Homosexuality

Gerardo Justo Orozco Alvarez, the man who adversely civil unions of same sex, denies being homophobic. Another example of an elected official in the Costa Rican government. A couple of questions are posed to him about his beliefs as he is the President of Human Rights Commission of the Congress.

What would have happened if one of your sons was gay? 

I can not imagine. If anything science accepts that perhaps 2% can be born with this ailment, altered hormones. But that is treatable.

So you believe that homosexuality be cured?

Yes, of course. I have witnesses. Here in churches in Heredia, I know well and one that was straightened. I am sponsoring a book, not everything, with my money a little, which are evidence of transvestites and gay men and women who have returned to the gospel, have remarried and are happy.

Social networks like Facebook or Twitter burned like hell on May 31 when Orozco-with the votes of National Liberation and the Libertarian Movement became president of the Human Rights Commission of the Congress.

Since then, a website (company Web Big Noise) has placed photographs of 12,500 people calling for the resignation of Justo Orozco of the legislative committee.

But before the attacks, he has many answers.

“God put me here (on the Commission), to me nobody is going to take, any international organization, and the Constitutional Court ruled,” said the legislator.

Just Gerardo Alvarez Orozco was born on February 18, 1950 in San Jose, but much of his childhood was spent in Nicoya, Guanacaste.

“As a sophomore, I decided to turn away from all that was evil,” he said.

From that moment, he decided to become an “honest citizen” (honest and honorable) as he described himself. Driven by his mother was a great student, then a professor of mathematics and, then finally, a lawyer.

Thus, the memories surface in his office, whose wall hangs a poster with Psalm 42 “as the deer pants for streams of water …”. Under the desk a pair of  leather slippers.


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