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Costa Rica President Expectations Low for Team’s World Cup Chances (Video)

Costa Rica News – The World Cup in Brazil started on Thursday with a festivities that included J-Lo and Pitbull. The greatest soccer players in the world will do battle over the next month and eyes from all around the world will be watching as their countries try to obtain World Cup glory.

Although Costa Rica made the World Cup as one of the top teams from the CONCACAF, there is not much optimism about their chances of making it past the first round with the group in which they are included.

These feelings about Costa Rica’s chances go all the way to the highest level of government in the land of Pura Vida.

The President of Costa Rica knows … if his country’s team is gonna win the World Cup, it’s gonna take nothing short of a miracle — which could explain why he’s already mentally prepared himself for the worst.

Luis Guillermo Solis was out in D.C. today — while his team preps to play Uruguay, Italy and England — and he admitted things aren’t looking up when it comes to advancing to the next round.

“I mean, it’s gonna be difficult … it’s a difficult group … but we’ll do our best.”

But you have to admit this is better than the US coach saying that his team has no chance…….

Video and part of article from TMZ

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