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Costa Rica Named The Top Contributor to Biodiversity in Latin America

Costa Rica News – Four million contributions to the Global Biodiversity Information System have been key to decision making based on biodiversity data.

biodiversity costa rica 1Costa Rica is the largest contributor in Latin America to the system.

International scientists have come to Costa Rica, and along with locals, have recorded six million species that exist in this small country.

The sharing of such information helps identify endangered species and take measures of protection.

The GBIF contributes to the Atlas of Biodiversity of Costa Rica is given freely to support research, conservation efforts and educational purposes. The atlas includes amphibians, arachnids, birds, fungi and lichens, insects, mammals, molluscs, nematodes, reptiles and plants.

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications, National Council for Scientific and Technological Research and the National Biodiversity Institute are involved.

There has been a ton of progress in recent years to make biodiversity information accessible via various platforms on global, regional and national levels.

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