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Costa Rica Men From the Eyes of a Gringa

There’s a 50/50 chance that you are a female- maybe a greater percentage since you are reading this article! So you are probably very interested to know about guys in Costa Rica. I’m going to let you know all about how foreigners see ticos, or Costa Rican guys. I’m from the United States and this will include ideas from friends from the States and Europe.

First off, guys here have a variety of looks and styles. You can find light and dark skin, eye, and hair colors. There are guys who dress prepy, gothic, like skaters, sporty, etc. Any type of look you’d find in another country you will probably find here as well because Costa Rica has attracted many foreigners in the past so it’s very diverse now.

Next, you are probably wondering about the personality of tico guys. Most of them are very sweet and genuine. They also tend to be a bit intense! If you catch the eye of a tico they will try and try some more until you give them a chance. My current boyfriend tried for  two years!

Finally, you may wonder what it would be like to date a Costa Rican. Expect that they will want you to be a part of their social world such as hanging out with their friends a lot. They may want to wait some time before you meet their family. When you do meet their family they will expect that you like everything about them!! They will usually be late but tico guys will respect you and your space.

You may be used to guys in the States being on time, hating their family, and going away if you are not interested. Here you will enjoy guys that don’t stop telling you how great you are, who love their families, and who’s only flaws are being late and being intense about their affections for you!

By Kerry La

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One Comment;

  1. dwayne said:

    From a gringo point of view. Tico’s are mothered to death by their mama until their mother dies. Often stay with them until they are married and sometimes after. Have a hard time saying NO! and or accepting NO. Avoid eye contact and being confrontational. Late for Appointments and meetings, parties. If they owe you money never see them if you owe them money they are on time to collect. Become aggressive when driving. Often wonder what is the hurry. Just the way of life here .

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