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Costa Rica is Just Batty

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica has made the cover of National Geographic time and time again. It’s featured as a scientific aspect. The most recent time the country made the publication it was in an article about the Osa Peninsula’s biological diversity, specifically for bats.

costa rica bats 1In March, they announced that 21 new bat species were discovered. This investigation was done by the Group and Biodiversity Conservation Genetics at the Argentine Museum of Natural History’s Emma Boston.

The scientist explained that, “We wanted to discover the hidden diversity of bats through hand-on research, acoustic monitoring and genetic analysis. We believed that the peninsula had more diversity than previously recorded.” She worked on the project every night for a month. She and the team installed equipment in the woods that helped catch 115 species of bats.

The research isn’t over. They plan to develop a sound file in Osa and throughout Central America to locate their habitats and conserve their ecosystem. The University of Costa Rica estimated that 11% of the bat varieties in the world are found in Costa Rica.


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