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Costa Rica Introducing New Postal Address System (Video)

Costa Rica News – Are you tired of those days giving directions like “take a left where the dog is tied to the tree” or “100 meters past where the gas station used to be”? It looks like the days where I could not find the place because of the address might be coming to and end…..maybe.

compass directions costa ricaCosta Rica has started to reform the country’s postal address system, which uses landmarks and compass directions instead of street names and numbers.

Based on a study from the Inter-American Development Bank, Costa Rica loses an estimated $720 million a year in revenue that is associated with lost and undelivered postage.

The current system causes problems for delivery workers trying to find where to drop off packages as well.

I remember the first time I arrived in Costa Rica and was on a mission to obtain employment.  I would leave with plenty of time to spare when trying to make an appointment or interview. On the scavenger hunt to try to find where the meeting was to be held it was always an experience.

Sometimes I would arrive 45 minutes ahead of time and other times 10 minutes late even though I allocated enough time to make the trip.

one piece of advice I give to everyone when they are lost is do not ask random people to give you directions, They will give you an answer even if they have no idea in order to save face.  Always ask a taxi driver if you can find one.  They do not always know but normally a parked taxi in the area knows the surroundings pretty well.

Take a peek at the video below form BBC to find out about the changes.

BBC Video Postal Changes Costa Rica




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