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CR Court Disallows Gay Marriage Loophole

Costa Rica News – It seems that Costa Rica is not quite ready to allow civil unions between same sex individuals.  There was hope when the Young Persons Act was passed by 45 deputies on July 4th of this year, which would allow civil unions “without discrimination” based on sexual orientation.

gay marriage costa ricaImmediately the deputies said that it was a mistake and like most government officials around the world do not actually read the laws and bills they are passing. Makes you feel warm inside knowing that these are the leaders of our nations huh?

We knew that the next step in trying to get this loophole recognized as law in Costa Rica was for it to be ruled on in the Costa Rican court system to set legal precedence in the country.  The first case has been rejected but the fight will continue.

The Family Court of San Jose closed the loophole that was key to the gay marriage movement in Costa Rica.

This court rejected the request of Alberto Gonzalez and Lorenzo Serrano whom were asking for recognition of their civil rights as a couple to get married.

But the Family Court ruled the Family Code only applies to the unions formed between a man and a woman.

Gonzalez and Serrano have seven years of living together in Escazu and stated that they will continue to fight for civil recognition of their union.

Same sex couples want to have the same civil liberties of a heterosexual couple, such as inheritance and property ownership.

Now for my 2 cents, you knew this was coming.  Seriously why not allow this? Does it really effect you? The answer is no.

I spoke to a tica the other day about why she did not want to allow these unions.  Her response because if it is allowed then “there disease will begin to spread in all the Costa Rican communities.” I tried to reason with her about how same sex couples already live together in Costa Rica and that allowing this would change nothing but trying to change someone’s thoughts in that state of mind is impossible. It would be like trying to change the idiotic mind of Justo Oroco.

Foamy the Squirrel Has Some Good Points

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