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Costa Rica College Student Accused of Global Hacking

Costa Rica News – A college student from Costa Rica was arrested, accused of be linked to a global hacking network used to break into online accounts.

costa rica computer hackerOfficials from the Judicial Investigation Organization took him into custody from his home in Heredia.

The FBI from the US warned the local authorities about the suspect’s involvement in an international forum used to hide suspicious activities. It’s IP address was what alerted them to Costa Rica. I guess he had not learned to hide his IP address quite yet in college.

The suspect studied at the School of Computing at the National University from 2012. He dropped out in 2015. It seems he used his free time to commit computer based crimes.

He is being held at OIJ pending the official investigation.

A virtual server that spreads malicious programs is being investigated as is a forum of about 30 people involved in a network called zombie with botnets rented out to criminal groups.

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