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Costa Rica Christmas Traditions

Costa Rica News – Thanksgiving is behind us, black Friday in the past, and everyone in Costa Rica is focused on the Christmas Holidays which starts the real beginning of high or tourist season in Costa Rica.  It has been what the vacation and tour companies and everyone else involved in the hospitality business have been waiting for the past 6 months.

Christmas in Costa Rica comes with many traditions and cultural novelties. To understand a culture, look beyond their everyday lives to their holidays. Here you can see where their values, attitudes, and actions come from. Costa Rican Christmas is a wonderful holiday time that is remembered all the way until the next year. There are many interesting traditions to look at.

Surprisingly, Christmas decorations begin being put up in September! The movies and music come a little later. By the time it’s December Christmas fills the air. Family reunions, special foods, and the happiness of the start of dry season leaves the air fresh with a wind of excitement throughout the special month. There are festivals and parades in many cities throughout Costa Rica during this time of the year.

Nativity scenes, as well as reindeer and snowmen figures, are made from saw dust, wood scraps, and string. They are sold along the streets to buy as gifts or adornments of your own home.

Many religious families place the figure of baby Jesus on the nativity on Christmas Eve and teach the children that it is baby Jesus who brings the gifts. Santa Clause is also believed in by some because of the abundance of Christmas movies that have come here from other places.

Almost everyone has their own secret recipe for tamales. Tamales are corn flour with meat and vegetables packed into plantain leaves. It is common towards the end of December to visit family and neighbors to taste their tamales. If you are lucky enough to be here during December be sure to join in the taste testing!

By Kerry La

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