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Costa Rica Cancer Treatment Technology

Costa Rica News – When it comes to cancer treatment in Costa Rica, a huge upgrade in technology is being put in place in Hospital Mexico.  This is going to be available to those that are a part of the CCSS government insurance program, also know as Caja.

The CCSS Promed completed and signed this week the placement of two new linear accelerators for cancer treatment in the Hospital Mexico, kicking off the final stretch to open the service to policyholders.

The installation of the two pieces of equipment, are the most complex and expensive (more than $ 2 million each) that the institution will ever have will occur after it  it is certified that they meet all required safety standards.

Linear accelerators attack tumors with precise radiation emission, one of the most effective treatments for cancer, because it lowers the impact organs.

The engineer Alan Manuel Zúñiga, head of the project by the Social Security Fund (CCSS), explained that in the coming days they will be “commissioning” the equipment.

That means calibrating them and testing them with the assistance of international experts.

They will then perform the processing of the operating license granted by the Ministry of Health.

In addition to the equipment, the rest of the new radiotherapy department of Hospital Mexico is 80% complete in its construction.

They are  now working on laying floors, windows and other structural improvements.

In March all the equipment is expected to be ready including a CT or CAT scan, as well as 46 chairs for chemotherapy treatments.

By July, they plan to begin to treat patients in the new building, located on the west side of the Hospital Mexico.


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