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Costa Rica Banks Holding Over $20 Million in Laundered Money

Costa Rica News – It was two years ago that the biggest money laundering case in the world was discovered in Costa Rica (Liberty Reserve)  and still domestic banks are holding $20 million that was generated from the illegal activity.

money laundering costa ricaThe money was seized in May 2013, following a raid of offices belonging to Liberty Reserve. Five people were arrested in the case that spanned Costa Rica, the US, Spain and the Netherlands.

The suspects are currently held in New York, because the authorities leading the investigation were from there. The leader of the organization was Arthur Budovsky Belanchuk, a Ukrainian naturalized to Costa Rica.

The scam was done online using the Bitcoin currency which has no control. $6,000 million of illegal funds were processed by this company.

The suspicion is that the funds came from credit card fraud, hacking, drug trafficking and child pornography.

Five luxurious vehicles and a few properties were seized and are now in the custody of the Costa Rican Drug Institute until the courts decide what should happen with them.


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