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Costa Rica Band Brings Blues Music to the Country

Costa Rica Entertainment – A new band, JR Blues Band, is the new thing, or rather the rediscovery of a really good thing, blues music.

jr blues bandThey consider blues a lost seed, one that once birthed rock and roll. The band plans to incorporate some jazz, soul and funk as well. The quartet grew up listening to blues.

They now play covers of songs by Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, Ray Charles, James Brown, Buddy Guy, Elvis Presley, Albert King and John Mayer. They hope to make people more familiar with these great hits.

The group also plans to compose their own songs at some point. The plan is to first make the audience aware of this genre and then create something that people will understand and appreciate.

The genre is not widespread in Costa Rica but is picking up some positive vibes.

The thing that’s catchy about blues music is that it is full of passion. It’s not quite as tied to technical aspects and has the freedom to go more intimate and intense than many other genres.

You can catch on to this trendy music on January 23 at Tintos & Blancos in Escazú or on January 30th in Up Side Bar in Escazú when the group plays their first concerts.

Picture Jorge Navarro – La Nacion

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