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Corruption & The Special Olympics in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – It seems that Costa Rican officials will use any event to try to pocket money.

costa rica special olympicsThe Special Olympics of Costa Rica has drawn in many athletes and spectators through the years. With discrepancies in the finances, however, the event has become plagued with rumors of corruption.

Although it is a private association, every year, the State provides resources towards the event. In 2014, it granted 987 million colones to the Special Olympics of Costa Rica. This year 300 million colones is reported to have disappeared and is not reflected in any financial statements.

Two reports in relation to this have been made. The first report is directed at Carlos Valverde, President of the Special Olympics Association, on August 14, 2015, and later on April 18, 2016 was the second one, aimed at Alba Quesada, President of Icoder.

The money can only be used to meet operating expenses for the benefit of athletes. The amount of money liquidated from the Special Olympics of Costa Rica should have gone towards the event and the athletes.

Instead it went towards various businesses associated with the Valverde family without giving other companies a chance.

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