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Chickenpox Case Within Group of Cubans Trapped in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – As the group of Cubans are stuck in Costa Rica longer and longer more issues arise. It’s not just first aid and basic needs that they have. They are getting sick.

cubans in costa ricaThere have been cases of the flu, diarrhea and allergies-all minor issues up until the first case of chickenpox showed up.

The man with chickenpox was immediately isolated as not to infect others with this contagious disease. An outbreak in the shelters could affect up to 700 immigrants per shelter.

The chickenpox case was in Guatuso, where most of the Cubans are living. This canton was set up with many shelters in places such as the parish hall, bull arena, community hall and a hostel.

From the very start authorities were on the lookout for symptoms of epidemics like dengue and chikungunya. The Ministry of Health is maintaining a daily vigilance. Still, the request for additional medical equipment in the shelters has gone unanswered.

There are 3,445 Cubans in 24 shelters and more are on the way.

There is a concern in opening more shelters without the correct conditions, especially adequate medical care to prevent outbreaks of contagious diseases.

By Daniel Chambers, Costa Rica

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