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Changes to Driver’s License Regulations for Costa Rica Expats?

Costa Rica News – Do you agree with the rules for foreigners to drive in Costa Rica?

licencias para conducir


Four members of Outlier Legal, a law firm dedicated to assist the expat community in Costa Rica, will be meeting today, with legislator Otto Guevara in order to discuss issues affecting foreign nationals in the country.

Among the issues is the question of drivers licenses.

Foreigners can only driver in the country during their “tourist” visa period. North Americans, Europeans and others are typically granted a 90 day tourist visa, while many other nationalities are only given 30 days.

Obtaining a Costa Rica driver’s license requires residency, a process that takes time.

The Outlier Legal team will be asking the legislator for changes to allow foreign nationals with a pending application for residency to obtain a temporary driver’s license or as soon as they obtain their DIMEX (foreign residency cedula) without having to wait three months since the last entry into the country.

A petition has been created on As of this morning (Sunday, September 4) 109 people of the required 200 have signed the petition.  We urge you to sign here to show your support and make a difference.

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