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Scams & Fraud articles

costa rica scams main

Costa Rica Scammers Busted & Scams to Watch For

Costa Rica Scammers Busted & Scams to Watch For

Costa Rica News - Police were tipped off by anonymous callers who indicated that a couple had experienced a rapid fortune. The confidential callers said that the husband and wife appeared to have acquired many luxuries in a short time. They were suspected of engaging in illegal activities. Tweet

costa rica scams main

Avoiding the Most Common Scams in CR

Costa Rica News – Scammers are probably the best people you’ll meet in your entire life. Why? They want something that you have, and they are going to take it from you. These crooks look like anybody else you know; a friend, a trusted neighbor, or somebody posing as a relative, knocking on your doorstep.

costa rica carbon credits scam main

CR Carbon Credits Approved; Scam Warning

Costa Rica News - A local carbon market will exist soon in Costa Rica, according to the Costa Rican Minister of Environment and Energy, Rene Castro, whose aim to reduce emissions. Ms. Castro informs us that they have already made a road map for the market they seek to create. The base price has already been

Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo

CR Freezes $6.5 Million of Ex-President

Costa Rica News – Who would have even thought a President of another country would stash their funds in Costa Rica, teh world capital of fraud an scams? The office of Costa Rica’s Attorney General said on Monday it had frozen 6.5 million belonging to a company connected to the family of former Peruvian President

liberty reserve costa rica

Costa Rica is a Hub for Crooks and Scammers

Costa Rica News (AP)  - We all know that scammers and scams run rampant in Costa Rcia. When an undercover agent posing as a new client sought to register at the currency transfer firm Liberty Reserve as “Joe Bogus” from “123 Fake Main Street” in “Completely Made Up City,” no one at the company based in Costa Rica objected. Tweet

liberty reserve costa rica scam main

Costa Rica Liberty Reserve Scam Shut Down

Costa Rica Scam News – Just a thought but perhaps the Costa Rican government should start taking a proactive approach to getting rid of these scammers that set up shop in Costa Rica. Liberty Reserve, a Costa Rica-based private currency exchange with its own digital currency, has shut down around the same time its founder

costa rica scams main

Costa Rica Scams to Try to Avoid

Costa Rica News – With what happened to Canadian Brad Deering in Costa Rica last week this topic should hit home. Recently, an investigator published an article regarding an interesting case. He found that in a case where squatters were demanding money before they would leave. Police and lawyers were cooperating with squatters to take

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