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Boat Captain Being Held Responsible for Deaths of 13 Costa Ricans

Costa Rica News – Róger Hilario Blandón, a boat captain, is accused of manslaughter of 13 Costa Ricans. There was a deadly wreck in Nicaragua on Saturday, January 23.

shipwreck costa ricaHe was officially accused on Friday.

The 52-year-old was accused in the Sixth Local Criminal Court of Managua. He was sailing from a makeshift dock without authorization and without having the condition of the boat checked prior to the trip.

The trial will begin on February 5th and the man will be held in jail until that day. He will also be sent to psychological and physical examinations, being that he is a shipwreck survivor. He was previously imprisoned for drug trafficking.

Ellon Absalón Pratt Blandón was working on the crew. He was temporarily detained but not accused.

There were 32 people on board, including 25 Costa Ricans. 12 bodies have been repatriated and one, of 13-year-old Leyner Contreras Murillo, is missing.

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