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Bachelor(ette) Parties; Vegas or Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – You and you boys are looking for a place to honor his last weekend of freedom before tying the knot. You and your best girlfriends are looking for a place to share your college memories before she moves on to having a family and children. In the past it has been “Vegas Baby!” as the go to option for bachelor and bachelorette parties; but will it be the top option for much longer? 

pura vida bachelor parties costa ricaCosta Rican bachelor parties are on the rise for many reasons. Of course it has everything Vegas does: clubs, casinos, drinking, and adult entertainment. Vegas misses out on a few aspects that Costa Rica will bring to your experience.

One thing setting Costa Rica apart is the beach views. A penthouse with a great view could be half the cost if you go to Jaco Beach compared to Vegas. Maybe this is one of the reasons that bachelor parties in Costa Rica have tripled from 2011 to 2012!

A drawback to Vegas is that it is redundant, too traditional, and overdone. It lacks the opportunity to have a unique bonding experience. In Costa Rica you can take your girls or guys nights to another level at the bars and in the strip clubs and add many activities to your days such as surfing, white water rafting, zip lining, or a one day trip to a volcano!

In Vegas it is reasonable to expect that you will spend $1500 per person for one weekend! In Costa Rica, on the other hand, you can spend a week for that amount of money! Would you rather spend one weekend on an expensive hangover or a week enjoying the best activities, nightlife, and fresh seafood of Costa Rica?

The new phrase might be “Pura Vida Baby!”

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