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Ash in the Water; The Aftermath of the Turrialba Volcano Eruptions

Costa Rica News – How could water not be affected by the falling ash that followed the eruptions of the Turrialba Volcano?

turrialba_volcano eruption costa ricaWhile AyA insists the water was fine, the water at my house was coming out colored. I can’t help but imagine there’s a correlation between the ash falling on our water sources and the water coming out strange.

A study was done after the last set of eruptions, back in October. The Volcanological and Seismological Observatory and the School of Chemistry at the National University detected the presence of the toxic chemicals fluoride and bromide along with potential toxicological ash samples in the rain water.

While fluoride in small amounts is good for human teeth, chronic exposure over time to this chemical and bromide can lead to diseases in bones and teeth of animals and humans.

It can increase the risk of tooth decay, lung cancer, hypertension and diabetes.

The risk is highest for animals on farms near the volcano since they drink the water in ponds or troughs. Tap water that was gathered from the surface or exposed to the atmosphere could be contaminated and harmful to drink.

The water tested near the volcano had a fluoride content well above the maximum for safe consumption by humans and animals.

Measures must be taken to protect the groundwater and channel clean water to the homes and farms in the area.

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