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Are the Costa Rican Police Drug Trafficking?

Costa Rica News – Eight police officers were sentenced to between 15 and 28 years in prison for stealing cocaine from narco groups.

drug trafficking costa ricaThe officers were working for the delegations in Coronado, Moravia, Escazú and Goicoechea.

Charges include drug trafficking, conspiracy, aggravated robbery, aggravated theft, embezzlement.

One of the cops was in uniform when he was arrested for these alleged crimes.

A ninth officer was sentenced to six years in prison for aggravated robbery and embezzlement.

All of the officers were arrested on February 2 during 15 separate raids made by the drug control police.

Various amounts of cocaine were seized. In addition to the drug related charges, the officers were also accused of conducting illegal home raids, taking money and property from those known to be in the drug trade.

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