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App Helps You Find & Adopt the Perfect Dog for You in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News  – I know that for me, my dog got me through some of my most difficult times when living in Costa Rica.  Offering unconditional love at just the right moments.

adopt a dog costa ricaThere is an app to help you find the perfect canine soulmate for you.

Dogmates, launched Monday, July 4th by the company Super Dog.

How does it work? The user downloads the App, then registers and creates a profile. You then have access to a catalog of 310 dogs and growing found in and around Costa Rica at shelters and places like the Territorio de Zaguates.

Next to the photo of each dog you can find its medical record, and well as information about its size and color. If it has some special features they will be listed as well.

“One of the major purposes of DogMates is change the idea that shelters are not just a place to leave a dog, but rather there is a great opportunity to give the animals a place to call home” he said Roberto Vargas, who is director of marketing and sales at Super Dog.

Within Dogmates, people can create a list with five dogs you would most like to make your new pet and share it on social media. Your friends and family can give their advice on which dog you should be your own.

The application provides a call option if you want to request more details about the dog you want to adopt.

If you have rescued a dog you can also set up a profile to help the canine find its loving new place to live.

The app is free to download is available for both Android and Apple iOS devices at

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