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“Adios Vaya Con Dios”; The First-Ever Award Winning Film Made By Chicago Latino Gangs, Mexico & The UK

Entertainment News – The award-winning feature film Adios Vaya Con Dios brings together groups often at odds with each other to tell the stories of everyday life in Chicago’s ganglands. The film drew up such an inspiration that musicians from Mexico and the United Kingdom sprinted to the soundtrack wanting to embellish the film with their own unique strokes. Just to name a few, Alex Villareal from the famous Mexican band ‘Banda El Recodo’ jumped into the rhythm adding in strokes a long with ‘La Voz Mexico’s’ Alvaro Gaston, recently singing alongside Laura Pausini.  

posterAs for the actors… real gangs, real people from the neighborhoods played roles in the film and were coached by the professional actors in the movie. European actor Marius Iliescu partnered with the film as a co-director and co-producer while playing the sadistic Olmec gang leader Tiger DeLeon.

Adios Vaya Con Dios went worldwide on Video on Demand January 19th with the DVD release to follow this summer. “The film is an authentic look at the tough streets of Chicago, it grabbed my attention and hasn’t let go.” – Jeff Benegar, VP, Indican Pictures (known for the cult classic The Boondock Saints).

Adios Vaya Con Dios premiered on October 2014 in Hollywood as an official selection at the Bel-Air Film Festival where it won Runner Up for the Best Audience Feature Film and was nominated for Best Screenplay. In addition, Zachary Laoutides, who made the film with Ave Fenix Pictures partner Mónica Esmeralda León, wrote the movie, was the lead actor and received a Best Actor nomination. “There is a lot of stories we wanted to tackle, but we were going to do it very different. First and foremost we were going to real places of where crime is the norm and use the locals, immersing them into the story. I don’t think it’s ever been done so unofficially. I think a lot of people didn’t think we’d pull if off. Staying within the city and trusting the neighborhood was the best decision we could have made.”

In honor to the films success, the movie gave the directorial title to all the participants in the film labeling it “La Raza.” The movie follows a half Mexican and half white gang member Rory King, trying to leave town while becoming romantically involved with a local waitress played by Brazilian Actress (Two-time Miss Brazil Winner) Jessica Beligni. Rory becomes caught in the cities violence, crushing his plans to leave by notably an Italian family still holding onto to their stronghold in Chicago, Gio Angeli played by acclaimed theater actor Joseph Mennella.

The DVD Blue-ray Release Report hailed the film as “A powerful piece of Cinema,” due to the musical montages and black and white juxtaposing of footage shot by cinematographer and director Timothy J. Aguado. Executive Producer Monica Leon explains the achievement due to the multi cultural elements in the movie, “The film is Latino, but it has a European sense of art. This blended so well with our musicians from the United Kingdom and Mexico. We have such a beautiful intermingling of La Raza; from Mexicans, Columbians, Puerto Ricans, and Costa Ricans to Romanians, Assyrians and Italians. We really represented the diversity of the city well.”

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