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A Taste of Luxury in La Fortuna; Arenal Volcano Inn

The Arenal Volcano Inn features 25 rooms that are surrounded by nature and beautiful trails and gardens. The diversity of the area is seen without leaving your room. There are direct views to the volcano from the property.

1Getting to the hotel is easy, as it’s just outside of La Fortuna. The room we stayed in was very private and quiet. It was a bungalow without shared walls. They have a system that shuts off the electricity when you leave the room, which environmental-friendly people will appreciate. The electricity is connected to the room key.

The pool and jacuzzi area is kept very clean. The water in the jacuzzi is very hot, which is perfect and hard to find in Costa Rica. It’s nice on a cool night to enjoy a dip in this relaxing water. There’s also a pool just for children.

The hotel is luxurious. It includes air conditioning in all rooms. The service is exceptional. They offer in-room volcanic mud treatments, massages and many other treatments.

Your stay comes with a huge breakfast. The buffet style breakfast is much more than continental. It has so many hearty options. You can fill up on energy for a full day of adventure. There is also the option to buy a package which includes all meals and also discounted drinks and spa services.

To contact the Arenal Volcano Inn you can call 888-693-4165 or email [email protected].

Their website is found at

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