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A Logic Test in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – There have been some changes to the official high school Spanish test in Costa Rica. Logic has been added.

logic test costa ricaQuestions are almost mathematical at times, asking whether there is a valid or invalid relationship between parts A and B of an argument.

Many students will be up to the challenge by the date of the test, November 3. The purpose of the change is to assess students’ abilities to move beyond memory and verbal reasoning.

The test now includes the ability to identify arguments and solve analogies. Students must be able to infer both main points and supporting ideas found within a given text.

Aside from the logic part, students find the literature part hard. Students are advised to thoroughly read the materials given throughout the year to be prepared. The written part is easiest for most students.

Another tip is to read the entirety of the question and answers multiple times, seeking to be sure you understand what the statement asks for.

Last year, 97% of students passed this test.

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