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A Costa Rica Souvenir Smorgasbord; The Artisan Market in San Jose Could Disappear

Costa Rica Entertainment – If you are looking to buy souvenirs, you should visit the Artisan Market in San Jose while it still exists because conflict around it is making for an uncertain future, which is unfortunate.

Artisan Market in San Jose costa rica 1The walk-through market is filled with handmade jewelry, intricately woven bags, and other things that artisans make and sell to mostly tourist customers.

Many people speak English and are willing to bargain over the prices.

Legal activity regarding the structure threatens to evict the vendors from the property and end their days of selling to tourists. President Luis Guillermo Solis composed and submitted a bill that reconsiders this area as private property.

Oscar Arias vetoed this bill, upholding that the land on which the market stands is considered public property, allowing the vendors to use it. Arias has a political history of inconsistent report for the market, which makes the vendors wary.

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